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Most Lifestyle Brands Struggle With Growth Online. We Have a Process That Guides You Through a Proven Framework So You Can Increase Your Revenue and Views Online.

Have you ever asked yourself:

'Why is our marketing budget not showing a return on our online sales or views?'

'I'm new to online. Where should I start?'

'Where is my competition getting all of their sales from?'

'We have all of these followers and likes. Why aren't these translating into sales?'

'Is there an easy way to manage my digital and spend less time on this?'

You’re in the RIGHT place! 

Lifestyle brands, their owners and digital marketing professionals want to grow their digital channels and sales online, but have been blocked by too much competition, a lack of visibility online or conversion issues. Lifestyle brands and the people who manage them are frustrated.

As Digital Marketing experts who have experience the daily changes in digital marketing rules, we understand. We will show you the plan that has worked for us for over 6 years of managing the digital channels of our clients, that can clear the path for you to achieve your business success.

We believe systems outperform talent every time, and that is why we show lifestyle brands how to accurately strategise and create a plan in order to scale and grow profits online

You can dig through web courses, books, blogs or hire and train your own digital marketing team and waste a ton of time and money – or you can schedule a time with us and you’ll get PROVEN tactics and strategies from successful lifestyle brands, our digital team and of course our Directors. And the best part? We’ll cut through jargon, and show you exactly what works for you, where your competition is receiving their traffic and what you should do to achieve success online.

Our Mission: To help lifestyle brands grow and scale their traffic and revenue online.

Hi, I’m THOM, And This Our Story

Most lifestyle brands struggle with digital. We have a proven process that will guide you through a framework to increase your visibility so you don’t lose out to your competition.

Fresh out of university I was working in the digital marketing and social space. I was working for one of Australia’s largest retail brands as the Social Media Manager for their global channels. This included working across multiple platforms, their e-commerce platform and looking after their social presence in over 17 countries.

Although it was not part of the plan, I decided to change direction, quit my day job and launch a digital marketing agency that helps clients grow their business operations and start achieving their objectives online. My business partner, Lisa Teh, came from a very similar background and had worked for some of the largest consulting firms in Australia.

Now we run a unique digital marketing consultancy and execution agency that provides tailored solutions for lifestyle brands to be seen online and increase their revenues. We apply our proven framework for digital marketing success and proven results.

Our team has grown rapidly from two to fourteen in just over a year, and we absolutely owe the business’ success to their loyalty and determination for success in the business, and on behalf of our clients.

We share all of our knowledge through blogs, and our 2017 Digital Trend Report which gives you all the information you need to succeed this year online. Digital Marketing trends are constantly changing and there is no other guide that will help you navigate this year like this one.

Thanks for visiting Tailor Digital! Feel free to come back anytime.

Our goal in developing Tailor Digital is to create an agency that helps Lifestyle Brands struggling with their digital marketing, start to succeed with revenues and sales online – arguably the most profitable space you can play in! Our passion is to be the #1 resource for Lifestyle Brand Owners and Digital Marketing Managers!

How We Can Work Together

Once we have created your Tailored Strategy, we know that we’re the best people to help you with our proven framework, we have used time and time again for proven results.

Our team works in the following digital marketing areas to help you succeed online.

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Thom Whilton

Tailor Digital Director

Thom has been a social media lead and expert in the digital space for over five years. He and his team at Tailor Digital are experts at creating disruptive digital content and currently produce solutions across a number of platforms and industries including fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Lisa Teh

Tailor Digital Director

Lisa has worked on a variety of both large scale and intimate digital productions. A leader in the CRM space, Lisa now shares her extensive knowledge as she leads the Tailor Digital team to digital success.

Steph Johnston

Community Manager

Steph brings her experience in client management to Tailor Digital, helping clients create solutions that will meet their Digital Marketing objectives. Steph has worked with national and international brands understanding their needs and helping them with strategy so they can reach millions of users.

Paige Richards

Production Manager

As a part of the Tailor Digital team, Paige has several years experience in production, including conceptualising projects, storyboarding concepts, and as a production lead. Paige has in depth experience working across web development ensuring that our lifestyle brands are optimised for conversions at all times.

Suzanna Zhang

Account Manager

Suzanna works as a client liaison ensuring that our brands and team understand what objectives need to be met, and creating strategy to ensure targets are met everytime. You can also contact Suzanna if you have any questions related billing or invoicing.

Joanna Zhang

Senior Production Coordinator

Joanna understands the digital landscape with a solid understanding of the food and beverage space. Joanna is creating content for a variety of clients including FoodPorn which has over 2 million + followers online. Joanna is an expert in content creation and helps our brands create briefs and translate these to our creative team!

Caitlin Hughes

Senior Production Coordinator

Caitlin creates content for a variety of clients across the beauty and lifestyle space. Working across content creation and strategy, Caitlin is our expert copywriter working across most Tailor Digital clients.

Courtney Te'Ray

Production Assistant

Courtney works across fashion, beauty and lifestyle clients executing a variety of campaign objectives and project monitoring to ensure that objectives are met.