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Meet the Tailor Group team – Your guides in all things digital

Thom Whilton

Tailor Digital Director

Thom has been a social media lead and expert in the digital space for over five years. He and his team at Tailor Digital are experts at creating disruptive digital content and currently produce solutions across a number of platforms and industries including fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Lisa Teh

Tailor Digital Director

Lisa has worked on a variety of both large scale and intimate digital productions. A leader in the CRM space, Lisa now shares her extensive knowledge as she leads the Tailor Digital team to digital success.

Steph Johnston

Community Manager

Steph brings her experience in client management to Tailor Digital, helping clients create solutions that will meet their Digital Marketing objectives. Steph has worked with national and international brands understanding their needs and helping them with strategy so they can reach millions of users.

Paige Richards

Production Manager

As a part of the Tailor Digital team, Paige has several years experience in production, including conceptualising projects, storyboarding concepts, and as a production lead. Paige has in depth experience working across web development ensuring that our lifestyle brands are optimised for conversions at all times.

Suzanna Zhang

Account Manager

Suzanna works as a client liaison ensuring that our brands and team understand what objectives need to be met, and creating strategy to ensure targets are met everytime. You can also contact Suzanna if you have any questions related billing or invoicing.

Joanna Zhang

Senior Production Coordinator

Joanna understands the digital landscape with a solid understanding of the food and beverage space. Joanna is creating content for a variety of clients including FoodPorn which has over 2 million + followers online. Joanna is an expert in content creation and helps our brands create briefs and translate these to our creative team!

Caitlin Hughes

Senior Production Coordinator

Caitlin creates content for a variety of clients across the beauty and lifestyle space. Working across content creation and strategy, Caitlin is our expert copywriter working across most Tailor Digital clients.

Courtney Te'Ray

Production Assistant

Courtney works across fashion, beauty and lifestyle clients executing a variety of campaign objectives and project monitoring to ensure that objectives are met.