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Case Study – King Island Dairy

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No Ordinary Island – No Ordinary cheese

And no ordinary client. King Island Dairy engaged with Tailor Digital for a full spectrum digital marketing solution that would open up omni channel opportunities for this prestigious brand.

As Australia continues to see the movement towards food with soul (Think transparent supply chains, farmers markets, organic produce and traditional artisanal style manufacturing), King Island Dairy stands out in the industry as a beacon for quintessentially high quality cheese products. Located on the untouched paradise of King Island, just north of Tasmania, a one hundred year old tradition of dairy farming has resulted in cheese merited for its exceptional taste, with cattle grazing freely across windswept pastured in an environment perfectly made for the art of cheesemaking.

The product range features soft and hard cheeses, with an ultra premium Black label recently added. The range is found at over 35 stockists that centre their products around artisanal goods.

Instagram Feed

Bringing King Island Dairy to life

After an intensive research and brand evaluation period, the strategy developed by Tailor Digital is emphatic in the use of key visuals around both the products and the environment from which they come. Content pillars established a unified aesthetic that told the entire story of the product – from the sweeping pastures of the island itself, through to the presentation of the perfect cheese spread or grazing plate, with King Island Dairy cheese ready to be consumed.


The pivotal element to the Tailor Digital impact was keeping ‘social’ as the heart of the instagram strategy. Acknowledging foodie trends, including the rise of the grazing platter, our creative team developed content surrounding not just the King Island Dairy products, but how cheese acts as the centrepiece to any spread.


Imagery is immediately engaging, inviting cheese connoisseurs and rookies alike to take their time inspecting decadent platters filled with inspiration for the ultimate foodie moment. Captions share recipes and pairings, further elaborating the versatility of King Island Dairy products.

Instagram Follower Growth

Your new party favourite: Brand Awareness through Facebook Advertising

The king of social is the ideal platform for the queen of social occasions. The elegance of a grazing platter was translated across Facebook using highly targeted advertising, encouraging party aficionados of every level to try their hands at platter creation and wine pairings.


The brand translated as an accessible touch of sophistication through videos taking the viewer step by step through the fine art of grazing tables, and offered a beginners guide to cheese that was neither condescending nor – pardon the pun – cheesy.


The selectively developed audience by the digital marketing team continues to optimise across campaigns, further developing the reach and engagement of the King Island Dairy brand. Decadent visuals across images and video saw immediate interaction, with posts regularly shared and commented on by passionate consumers across Australia. The result? The name and taste of tiny King Island, Tasmania, on lips from coast to coast.

You don’t need to be a lifestyle brand, but you do need a lifestyle audience

King Island Dairy is just one example of how a lifestyle audience focused strategy, driven by results, can benefit your gourmet or artisan brand. We create campaigns that balance accessibility and luxury, to create consumer driven demand and stunning brand awareness that show genuine return on investment.

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