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If you work in fitness in Australia, you know your business is based around your passion for seeing the results your clients make. But what about your business results? It’s easy to let your marketing fall to the wayside, especially in the face of handling clients, management and other business requirements. As specialists in Lifestyle Audiences, we’ve seen multitudes of PTs, Gyms and Fitness boutiques make the same erroneous mistakes with their digital marketing, over and over. Are you guilty of any of the following?




A good website for your brand is one of the most powerful tools you can have for modern day marketing. Not only does this give your audience their first impression of what your business has to offer, but also allows you to learn more about that audience and what you need to do to attract more of the right kind.


When I say ‘optimisation’, we’re talking about two definitions that are essential for the success of your digital marketing:

Optimised for devices: This means your content is beautiful, easy to use and functional across a range of devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. If your website isn’t fully optimised, you could be rejecting clients without even knowing it!


Optimised for search: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means your website can be found via search engines like Google when people search for relevant topics, like ‘Small group training Windsor’, or “Personal training Essendon”. How search engines like Google consider your website for ranking on these searches is dependent on a wide range of factors, like keywords, relevancy, age and links. It’s a difficult process, but an essential one if you’re looking to organically attract traffic to your site.




All successful PTs, gyms and boutique fitness groups rely on loyal customers that continue to come back again and again. Their devotion to your brand means regular income, but also gives you one of the most powerful leads available in marketing – referrals

It’s been proven again and again that referrals from peers, friends and family are far more likely to engage an individual in a new product or service. If you’re not leveraging this with referral programs and other incentives for your already loyal customer base, you could be missing out on targeting and converting handfuls of new customers for a minimal investment. Ever wonder why all the gym franchise behemoths offers discounts on memberships for members who refer new clients? Because it works.




Many brands in the fitness industry adopt the belief that they can convert their audience through a few nice photos and a quick blurb alone. Wrong! In this heavily saturated market, it is now more essential than ever to present your content that promotes trust, and keep it fresh. So how do successful fitness brands do this?


  • By showing understanding of their audience through content that relates to their lifestyle
  • Being present and reliable online, responding to enquiries and posting regularly
  • Offering an expert opinion on topics, and items of value to interested parties


“Items of value” might sound like tangible things, but for a small business this usually means information of worth. Value for your audience might be a free workout video, a diet plan direct to their email, or access to exclusive content. With easy to access value items in place, you can then offer gated content in the form of PDFs, emails or videos that require an email address in exchange. Building your email list puts you a step closer to your ideal audience, and a step closer to winning over those much needed clients.




You’re passionate about fitness, you’ve got your qualification and you’ve set up your business. Now what?


While we like to think we can service every kind of client available, ultimately success comes from the ability to identify your key audience. One of the best ways to do this is to recognise and understand your Unique Selling Proposition. In laymans terms – What is it about you and your business that sets you apart?


Maybe you’re a “muscle gym” that caters to body builders. Perhaps your team specialises with performance athletes. Maybe you’re a PT that has great results with new mothers, or your group fitness class is held at lunch in the CBD for office workers. Figure out what it is that makes you and your services so special, and hold them as the centre of your marketing. Rather than positioning yourself as the answer to every person’s question, discovering those key groups of people that are attracted to what you do is a sure fire way to create laser focused targeting in your marketing, saving you money and pushing your budget further.


At Tailor Group, we’ve worked with scores of businesses looking to get the edge on their competitors and discover the next step in growing their brand. If you’re a fitness professional looking for solutions based digital marketing, our team is ready to get in touch about how we can get you excited, get you busy, and get you converting.

About The Author

Lee Douglas

Senior Strategist at Tailor Digital

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