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Whether you’re an established brand or completely new to the market, the facts remain the same: The success of your product or service depends on a loyal fan base who will continue to purchase from, remain loyal to, and endorse your brand. Discovering this audience can be at best educational and create real revenue – but at worst, leave you with single digits of conversions and little else to show for it.


If you’re familiar with marketing before the digital era, you may have heard of Gary Halbert. A copywriter, Gary Halbert’s newsletter has been a source of inspiration for marketers and copywriters alike for decades. A stand out of “Gary’s Letters” for me personally has always been his ‘One Advantage’ story which, in summary, discusses the idea the true advantage you can have, despite branding, packaging, hype or quality, is a hungry crowd: One desperate for exactly what you are selling.


So how do we find a hungry crowd?


Define them


If you don’t have a clear picture of who you are targeting in mind, you’re already behind your competitor. “A man/woman based in Sydney/Melbourne” is not good enough in our highly competitive market.


Psychographics are a great way to define your audience. Taking time to identify the key habits and motivations behind your anticipated or actual audience allows you to zone in your marketing efforts with a laser-like focus. You can learn more about psychographics on our blog piece here.


Use their Point of View


Building off your psychographics, take a step out of your own shoes for a moment. We know that to you, your product or service is the best thing ever and everyone should be using it, but stepping away from that mentality to look at your brand gives you key insight into what your audience is really looking for. This could be from brand discovery (Are you advertising in the right places?) to the user experience of the website (are they finding what they need? Can they purchase and check out promptly?). We know your brand is great, but is that what your audience is actually seeing, in the places they expect?


Test, test and more tests


Once you’ve discovered this audience, it’s time to understand what really motivates them to learn more, and hopefully buy. To do this at Tailor Digital, we create A/B tests, where we will release two similar ads with a minor difference to our audience, and see which does better. Once we know the winner, we’ll do it again – and make another small adjustment elsewhere. As a result, our FB advertising customers often end up with about 250 different variants that we run simultaneously, to really hone down on the kind of communication their audience wants to engage with. This allows us to continuously optimise our marketing efforts to ensure we find the most cost effective solution possible.

What other tactics do you use to find your ‘hungry’ crowd? If you’re ready to feast, why not get in contact with us today and find out more about those 250 ads?

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Lee Douglas

Senior Strategist at Tailor Digital

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