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Are we about to tell you that the majority of what you’ve ever been told or read about digital marketing is false? No. On the contrary, we’d like to help you see things the way they really are so you can have a well-rounded grasp of what is obtainable the moment you decide to test the waters of digital marketing.

This practical understanding of just how much digital marketing agency can help your business grow will shield you from the inevitable frustrations that come with having unrealistic expectations.

So, brace yourself and throw your objectivity cap on as we show you 5 misconceptions about digital marketing and the reality of each.

My business must be on every social media platform

This is not necessarily true. It’s important to understand that when it comes to digital marketing, there is no one size fits all approach. Hence, you need to determine what platforms are best suited for your product/service offering.

Then, you can channel the appropriate efforts into growing your business on these specific platforms. For instance, a fashion design company would do well to focus it’s efforts on Instagram, while a business consulting firm would thrive on LinkedIn.

It’s all about the numbers!

So you’ve heard from the grapevine that the number of social media followers or website traffic is directly proportional to the number of conversions? Again, that is not correct. While it is important to build a substantial follower base, you are going to need more than numbers to actualize your digital marketing goals. Without quality content that promises engagement, it will be difficult to retain the audience you’ve acquired and near impossible to get them to take action. Remember, content, not followers is KING.

My customers are not social media savvy.

This is another digital marketing misconception that some businesses have. We Are Social & Hootsuite global digital report of 2019 reveals that 45% of the world’s population (3.5 billion people) are now social media users. So, even if your competitors are not online, you should be. Need we say more? Here is some insight about what are the big things coming up on social media that you should pay attention to.

Social media is all I need in my digital marketing strategy

Point 3 above proves the importance of social media in digital marketing for businesses. But, you will be giving it more credit than it deserves if you think you don’t need any other digital marketing tool to achieve your marketing goals. Keep your approach balanced through the use of other platforms like blogs, website, email marketing, etc

Digital marketing is all about the money!

While it is true that running sponsored ads and paid advertising is an excellent way to boost conversion, you can also achieve huge success through quality organic reach. So, don’t be deterred if you aren’t able to include a robust budget in your digital marketing.

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