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If you’re a small business or an entrepreneur, you will already know the endless opportunities that digital marketing can bring to your business. Tremendous reach and engagement is no longer restricted to a $70k budget and quarter million dollar billboard investment. Instead, digital marketing can now be scaled to your needs, with every budget being accommodated, and full analytics showing the exact success of your campaigns. Never has there been a more exciting time to market a product or service…




After handling so many brands and businesses over the years, at Tailor Group we’ve noticed that even the most brilliant companies are prone to the same mistakes made over and over again. Many are made when ambition overreaches understanding, often due to time or expertise, leaving you stressed, confused and out of pocket. Thankfully, we have some expert solutions to consider.


Issue: Decision Paralysis


Small business owners will not be strangers to decision paralysis, and much like the other key decisions you’ve made in your business, digital marketing and social media marketing can quickly feel like too many opportunities at once. Should I be on Instagram? Twitter? How often? What kind of content should I post? When, and why? Where should my links lead? Should I dedicate more budget to brand awareness or click through? What about Adwords, or LinkedIn? Where do I start?!


With so many options, it’s easy to freeze up and make no decision at all. Even worse, some brands spread themselves – and their budget – so thinly across multiple campaigns that the outcome is untrackable, unreadable or simply underengaged. This quickly leads to disappointed and disillusionment about the actual capabilities that digital marketing offers.


Solution: Do One Thing, Well.


No doubt running a small business has seen you wear many hats, and you’ll probably continue to do so for a long time. But when it comes to digital marketing, and especially social media marketing, it’s sometimes better to identify one key area and focus in on it. Generally speaking, if you are a customer based business (in difference to B2B or business-to-business) Facebook or Instagram are your safest spaces to play in. Not only do these platforms allow you to build a highly engaged audience, but Facebook Advertising allows you to create trackable ads to select audiences to expand your reach. Break through that paralysis with empowerment – Facebook offers plenty of content and tutorials on how to set up ads, and even offer inspiration for ad styles from real campaigns. Take the time to polish your presence here before you spread your digital wings, and build that confidence.

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Issue: Poor Quality


If your social media strategy consists of a quick post thought of and popped out at lunch, you’re already three steps behind the competition. We know finding the time to plan out your social media content is tough but consider it this way: Content is like the business card for your brand. If someone was selling you something, and they scrawled their name and number onto the back of a receipt, instead of handing you a prope business card, would you feel inclined to trust them and consider them a professional? This is the same for low quality images, poor photography or reshared images from other accounts – is that really how you want your business to be reflected?


Solution: Reduce Your Quantity.


I’m sure you’ve read on other social media blogs that the ‘best practice’ for posting on social media is once a day. But if every business is unique, how can anyone say what works for all of them? Instead, take the time to think about how often is realistic for your business to post high quality content. Consider collating all your content from the week into one spot, then sitting down once a week to decide what will be schedule for social media. Are only 4 out of your 21 photos clear, light balanced, on-brand and attractive? Then use those 4 only. Your audience will appreciate content that reflects your brand more than a bombardment of irrelevant posts.

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Issue: No Time Prioritization


The number one complaint for all small businesses and entrepreneurs: I have no time! Whether you’re a one person show, or you’re a multi tiered company, time is the unstoppable currency that we all wish we had more of. Not prioritising your time for social media marketing always brings out the same set of issues: No ownership of campaigns, poor planning, last minute decisions and uneducated opinions. So often we see brands with beautiful content struggle to find results because the team is too busy on multiple complex tasks that social simply gets set aside – then abandoned altogether because its ‘not working and bringing in results’.


If you’re a small company, you’ll find it makes more sense to face yourself and your staff towards tasks that bring in immediate results, which is fair enough – A hairdresser isn’t going to turn down a walk in and lose $75 simply because she has to write out the next month’s content plan. But too often, that prioritisation gets skewed until digital marketing falls wayside completely. How do we prevent this?


Solution: Delegate

Digital marketing, and especially social media marketing, can become easier to handle simply by delegating different tasks to different staff members. For instance, teaching one staff member how to capture the images you want is not only adding variation to their day, but also encouraging that staff member to really hone the craft and create high quality solutions. Another staff member can set aside time to engage with their audience online in simple 15 minute spurts a few times a day – liking, commenting and responding throughout the day also means a higher chance you’ll respond faster to feedback or comments which makes you look available and engaged. Setting yourself up with good quality scheduling software, such as Hootsuite, also means you can package up your content as you create it into drafts, then finding 20 minutes in your day to schedule it is suddenly not that huge mammoth task you anticipated after all.


Problem: Expertise


We can’t all be the best at everything, and why would we want to be anyway? Small business owners quickly become dependent on their own education, and find it necessary to upskill quickly in different areas to be across all areas of the business. The catch 22 to this that digital is a constantly moving beast, so to upskill in this area means constant re-education, new products, new software and new algorithms. Even marketing staff, whose job it is to remain abreast, may quickly find themselves out of date – When a business focuses in one area keenly, they may realise digital marketing has moved off in a complete other direction, leaving them behind the curve and scrabbling to keep up.


Solution: Get In A Specialist


Tailor Group subscribes by the tribe mentality for our success. Being a team of specialists, we benefit from the particular knowledge that each member has in their specialised field of digital marketing. That means the person helping you with SEO is the SEO specialist, the team member shooting your flat lay is an Instagram specialist, and the angel you’re speaking to at your consultation is a strategist ready to pick apart what makes your business work, and apply that to a plan that fits your expectations and aspirations. Because we work with a full range of large mid and small business, as well as individuals and influencers, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the best practice solutions available and sorting through the deluge of information out there to find out what works best for you.

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Senior Strategist at Tailor Digital

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