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Case Study – Sttoke reusable coffee cup

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Where else should one launch a new coffee accessory than in the heart of caffeine driven Melbourne?
Sttoke engaged with Tailor Digital to bring forth the internationally inspired Sttoke cup, a shatterproof reusable coffee cup that makes a statement with every sip.

 Sttoke consists of a ceramic inner and stainless steel exterior, with a sleek matte powder finish in (Melbourne’s favourite) Black or White. This combination not only looks fantastic, but also solves the two key issues of all environmentally friendly coffee lovers:

1. A keep cup that ensures your coffee tastes just like it should  

2. that is also remains cool to touch while keeping coffee warm.

Instagram Feed Pre Launch

Drive the enigma

Brand awareness began without even a whisper of coffee. The Tailor Digital team instead drew together a strategy to attract consumers as interested in art and culture as they were in innovative products. With great anticipation, Sttoke presented a reusable cup option that looked fashionable and suited a high end lifestyle, empowering the brand from the first moment of pre sale.

Instagram Follower Growth Pre Launch

Reinforce the lifestyle

With competitors in the reusable cup space focused on an environmentally driven consumer base, Sttoke sidestepped this inundated market by offering a unique point of difference – Style.

As a lifestyle product, Sttoke instead offered an opportunity to combine aspiration with the benefits of “going green”, and required a strategy accordingly.

With Tailor Digital’s exclusive access to Melbourne’s best influencers, the Sttoke launch night was a created as an opportunity for the product to be placed in the most stylish hands possible. Activation points were created to further enhance the experience, including a branded photography opportunity and an engravers station, so attendees could have their initials engraved on their new Sttoke cups.

PR influencer further expanded the reach of the brand, with the launch being published by Broadsheet Melbourne, The Urban Listmelbourne ly, Melbourne Lyf and Bean Scene Magazine. Articles ensured the product launch gained credible source traction, as well as the peer based strategy of influencer involvement alone.

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