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You’ve seen the pure joy on the face of your customers after their stellar facial or haircut – You know what you’re doing is incredible work, and you’d love to have more of it to show! Unfortunately, translating this feeling from the salon to the real world can be challenging. In the competitive Melbourne market, hair and beauty is as much about the experience as it is about the result, and the best salons know that digital marketing is the key to getting new (and returning) customers through the door.


But before you venture into PPC, SEO and other daunting acronyms, it’s time to take a step back and make sure your business is ready for the investment. We’ve listed the top 5 common mistakes we see Beauty and Hair salons make below to ensure you’re up to scratch.


You Don’t Have A Salon Website – Or It’s Incredibly Dated


A website offers two key benefits that are essential for savvy salon owners:


  1. Great Search Engine Optimisation. This means people searching for the services you offer in your neighbourhood can find you before other competitors, and learn more essential information about you that will lead them to a booking.
  2. A fantastic tool for discovering your audience, the kinds of people looking for your services, and creating an audience you can actively use for remarketing later (learn more about remarketing here).



An easy to use website is the first step to successfully booking out your salon. Even a simple landing page with contact details and your services menu, properly optimised, can be the line between empty seats, and services hot in demand. Aged websites, especially those that are not responsive, can cause havor for SEO and search ranking, so ensure your site is up to date, and easy to navigate!


You’re Not Handling Your OR (Online Reputation)


As we turn to the internet more and more to find out about brands before we purchase, being aware of your reviews and having the platform to respond to them is essential. Letting a bad review hang (Or worse – letting them add up!) without addressing them is a sign that you’re either now inactive, or allows your silence to mean the negativity of the issue is the focus. Instead, a polite response that is customer-centric (and not abusive, dismissive or unprofessional) shows a commitment to your brand and your reputation, making the reader more likely to trust you as the professional they want to book in to see.


Beyond reviews, joining in as a voice in your community and sharing your professional insights pushes that trust even further, and allows your brand to reach even more people. Ensure you have your salon registered on review sites like Yelp, as well as Facebook, and check in regularly.


You’re Sharing Low Quality Images


Many modern salons offer challenging lighting at the best of times. For Beauty rooms especially, you’re committing time and money to purposefully creating ambient low lighting atmospheres, which are unfortunately rarely photo op ready.


Creating high quality content is essential for creating a high quality client list. Taking time to invest in the right equipment, or dedicating an afternoon a month to create content with a professional team means your marketing is further enhanced by stunning imagery as well as fantastic offers and events.


An investment in portable lighting is a great start to your commitment to high quality imagery. Ring lights are popular choices, as they are flattering for both hair and face shots, and are usually compact enough to be easily manipulated to the perfect spot. For salon shots and campaign imagery, we recommend a professional, who will know exactly how to make your brand shots as impactful as possible.


You’re Not Targeting The Right Audience


Think geographic location is enough to find your ready-to-book audience? Think again. Facebook and Google Analytics both offer extensive opportunities to hone in on the perfect demographics for your services, and provide powerful re-targeting, to bring back those website visitors who might be sitting on the fence. With optimal testing, you can further polish your message to find the perfect audience, and exactly what kind of advertisement they engage with the most. If you’re not using advanced audiences, you’re throwing your budget to the wind.


You’re Not Turning Your Loyal Customers Into Your Best Marketing Tools


We all know that the strongest influence for purchases comes from our family and friends, which is why referral programs are such popular (and effective) marketing tools. The power of referral works beyond just a formal discount coupon or system points added – Loyal clients are more likely to engage with your brand online, buy complimentary products or other upsells, attend your events, and share their love for your brand with the people they have the most influence over. Treat your loyal customers well and share your appreciation of them, knowing you’ve got a walking and talking ambassador of your brand. Looking for a further amplification of this? Engaging with influencers in the beauty community who have a loyal following of like minded people. Learn more about influencers here.


The key to effective digital marketing is taking into consideration a number of key factors, simultaneously, to ensure your brand shines through. At Tailor Digital, we can offer consulting,  creation and management options, tailored specifically to your brand needs. Reach out today for a no obligation conversation about where you want to take your brand.

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Lee Douglas

Senior Strategist at Tailor Digital

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