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In today’s digital landscape, pressing publish on a piece of content  just isn’t enough to attract optimal visibility. To encourage engagement and reach a wider audience, posting and sharing content across multiple platforms is key! Creating a smart and adaptable content strategy will allow you to best utilise your work, time and money. Often referred to as ‘sawdust’, the byproducts of your output are just as important as the original content itself. There’s an incredible amount content that can be extracted from any single video, article or image you create. In 2016, all digital platforms interconnect and so too should your content. Whether you’re in the position to hire a team of copywriters and graphic designers, or you’re out on your own, there are many simple ways to make the most out of your content.

  • Have beautiful Instagram imagery?
    So you have a beautiful Instagram feed, engaging content and an active audience. Now it’s time to share these images across your other social platforms. Push share to Facebook and Twitter to increase your business’ visibility. Adjust copy accordingly, ensuring your content is appropriate for each platform.
  • Written an insightful article?
    Once you’ve published an article to your wordpress site, you can use Facebook’s Instant Article feature to expand your readership. This feature allows you to integrate interactive media and create optimized written content, to reach a dramatically larger audience. To further drive traffic to your website, you can share engaging snippets of information from the article as a Facebook status, tweet or Instagram quote.
  • Created a stunning video series?
    Video content is arguably the easiest to adapt across multiple platforms. To drive a larger audience to your YouTube page, you can post still images or a 15-60 second trailer to Instagram. This content can then be pushed across both Facebook and Twitter. If your video is interview based, why not extract the audio and create a podcast? You can share this audio to Soundcloud or any other audio sharing site. Another great way to make the most out of your video content, is to transcribe the audio for a written article.

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