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What was once a simple application to share images, Instagram has transformed into a cost-effective marketing tool for businesses both large and small. Instagram is a fantastic tool for sales growth, increased exposure and especially brand awareness. Like anything good, it’s never easy – and if it’s easy, it’s never good!

There are right ways, and wrong ways to use this platform that can sometimes blow out costs and waste valuable marketing time and resources. To use this social media platform to your advantage, follow our top 10 tips to Instagram success.

  • Hashtag effectively
    When it comes to hashtagging, less is more. An effective way to utilise this feature is to create a single hashtag followers can clearly identify with your business. This hashtag should be strong, easily spelt and used consistently.
  • Interact with your followers
    Instagram is a social platform after all. To prompt engagement with your followers, regular interaction (through comments and responses) is key.
  • Social platform interconnectivity
    Connecting all of your social accounts is a great way to integrate your audiences across each platform.
  • Have a call to action
    You only have the attention of each viewer for a short period of time, so use captions to your advantage. Having a clear call to action ensures people understand how they should interact with your business.
  • Cater content to your audience
    Your Instagram content should reflect the behaviours of your audience. Before you can create a curated feed, you need to first understand what your audience best responds to.
  • Have a clear brand identity
    Instagram is a highly visual platform, meaning your feed should immediately reflect your brand identity. So find a colour scheme and image orientation, then stick to it. Be consistent.
  • Regular competitions
    Regular giveaways and competitions are a simple way to increase your engagement on Instagram. Competitions prompt followers to tag their friends, exposing your content to fresh eyes.
  • Utilise optimal posting times
    Understanding when your audience is most active is just as important as understanding the type of content they respond best to. Are your followers most active in the morning on their way to work? Are they more likely to check their instagram feeds on a weekday or weekend?
  • Have variety
    To keep your followers interested, mix up the type of imagery you offer. Your engagement is likely to decrease if you are posting similar image after similar image. You can show variety without compromising your brand aesthetic.
  • Work with trending topics
    Social media is constantly evolving, so why not use this to your advantage? Jump on trending topics and hashtags to increase your account’s visibility, as long as it integrates with your existing content.

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