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Once upon a time, celebrities had the monopoly of the ‘influencer’ title. But now, the story has taken an interesting twist brought on by the rise of micro-influencers. Today, the boy or girl next door can wield a power strong enough to influence your target customer’s purchase decision, in your favour.

The recent rise in the popularity of Influencer Marketing and its effectiveness can be attributed (partly) to the new crop of micro-influencers. This diversity of options has made it easier for brands to leverage influencer marketing – even when they don’t have the required budget or connections to employ the services of micro-influencers or celebrities.

It’s important to mention here that affordability is not the only advantage in opting for micro-influencers.

Here’s why we think so.

‘True influence is about leveraging authenticity’

This is what micro-influencers thrive on. Their relatively small community of followers tends to hang on to their every word because they believe they are as genuine as they come. Their audiences view them more as ‘friends’ than celebrities or public figures.

This is not to undermine the effectiveness of collaborating with macro-influencers in digital marketing campaign strategy. Leveraging their huge follower base can help expand your brand’s reach and increase awareness remarkably.

The important thing to understand here is that social media influencer marketing works – whether you choose to go with a micro or macro influencer. Here you can get a better insight on the next big things on social media which include the social media influencer as well.

In a recent report, The Exposure revealed that 40% of Australians are more likely to purchase from a brand they see an influencer posting about.

This is believable when you consider some recent influencer marketing success stories:

  • Since launching, Australia’s Frank Body has turned their $5000 startup to a $20 Million global beauty brand. This they did by effectively combining strategic content marketing and influencer marketing on Facebook and Instagram. They identified and collaborated with micro-influencers who had already established trust with their target audience. The result? 2.2 million dollars in sales of their signature coffee body scrubs, shipping to 149 countries, and close to 700k Instagram followers, and counting.
  • When considering brands who understand the true value of influencer marketing, Hi Smile readily comes to mind, with their DIY teeth whitening kits. In an interview with CNBC, Nic Mirkovic, the co-founder revealed that in the early days, the brand relied heavily on a partnership with influencers as a sure means to increase their legitimacy. They started off by sending their product samples to many micro-influencers, who in turn did positive reviews on their pages. On seeing how effective that proved to be, they decided to take things up a notch by collaborating with bigger figures – Kylie Jenner and Conor McGregor. The rest, as they say, is history.

Ready to start implementing your influencer marketing but you are a little unclear about where and how to start? We have been there, done that, and are happy to help – contact us today!

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