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In today’s social landscape, a beautiful Instagram feed is not enough to grow your channel. If the content you’re presenting to your audience isn’t engaging or relevant to their interests, their fingers will quickly find the unfollow button.  To take your feed from average to must-follow, here are the top most engaging social media post types trending right now.

    Flat lays are a simple, yet effective way to drive awareness of your brand in a creative and visually appealing way. A relaxed spread on related products with a hero item as the focus or a intricately tessellated group (known as ‘knolling’), the flat lay is a long-staying trend, and a well produced one will always generate engagement for your channel.
    A newer trend, funny/inspirational quotes are becoming an omnipresent post type across social media. Not only is this a great way of telling your audience who you are and what the ethos of your brand is, it is a great way to grow your audience, as like-minded people will tag their friends – if they like what they see, you have a new follower!
    Instagram is a great brand awareness tool, but your followers don’t want to be force fed an advert. By showing the ethos of your brand through lifestyle shots, or if you’re a selling a service, an inspirational image that conveys your business, you are able to deliver your message without the ad-speak.
    Everybody wants their interest in you validated, and a great way of doing this is by regramming imagery created by your following with your product. Not only are you able to publicly thank your clients/customers for their support but if implemented regularly, this encourages more people to create similar content to get regrammed themselves – introducing you to their following, and creating content for you!
    Similar to the above, but with a different intended outcome, implementing an influencer outreach program into your social media strategy is incredibly beneficial. By getting your product into key influencers hands (and into their feeds), your brand can be introduced to thousands of potential clients/customers. Also, by regramming the influencers’ produced content, you create social validation among your followers, which turns into leads.
    A great way to show off your product without making your audience feel preached to, is to create content showing your product in context. If you are selling sneakers, consider shooting the product in use, rather than on their own. If you’re promoting your cafe, consider imagery showing your coffee being sipped – whatever function your product serves, show it!
    If you are the face of your brand, don’t be afraid to show it on social! A great way of social validation and to tangibly inform your audience who the brand is, is to give them a face to remember. Another way of doing this is to celebrate ambassadors of your brand, who will embody the values of your company and give audiences a personal reference.

By applying these post types to your social media strategy, you not only create an aesthetic for your feed, but can guarantee your content will be engaging and aid you in the growth of your channel.

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