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If there’s one thing that is guaranteed in this world, it’s that Facebook likes to change – a lot, and regularly. Now the platform has introduced its latest feature that aims to further engage its growing audience. With an emphasis on offering users content that matters to them, the Instant Articles features is now available for all online publications. As a natural progression from photo and video features, Facebook now allows users to view written content at an incredibly rapid speed.

What Are Facebook Instant Articles?

As Facebook describes it, Instant Articles are “a new way for publishers to create fast, interactive articles on Facebook”. If you have administrative access to a Facebook page, you can now publish optimized written content that will reach a large audience, at a rapid rate. With Facebook’s growing audience of 1 billion people, the possibility of content reaching a larger audience has increased dramatically. Instant articles can even embed tweets, youtube videos and photos within each post, allowing you to integrate all social channels.

Identifiable by the lighting shaped icon in the top right of images, the instant articles feature was introduced nearly a year ago with improvements since being made to enhance the user experience. Trials began with some of the biggest online publications including Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and New York Times. These articles could be viewed within the Facebook app, without having to leave to a separate web page. Loading in just half a second, these native articles can be viewed 10x faster than if a user was to click to another website.

Following the success of the Instant Article trials, Facebook is now allowing this platform to be accessed by all online publications, big or small.

How Can You Use It As A Business?

Facebook, like any great content aggregrator, will always rank and favour their own methods of distribution than those of other platforms. Similarly to how Facebook will rank videos posted natively on the platform over those shared on rival site YouTube, blog posts that have Instant Article functionally will be seen to a larger organic audience. In an attempt to bring this layer of content distribution to a wider audience, Facebook will look to share it with as many users as possible. This is the time to ride that wave!

Monetizing your articles is also a possibility, through publishing ads within the written content. These advertisements can be chosen by either the individual publication or Facebook. This is great news for brands who are now able to target their marketing at a more specific level, while also reaching mobile users. This will not be unfamilar to content creators on YouTube who receive regular payments for their video views through in-display ads. A sensational feature that will now allow Facebook content creators and advertisers alike to share in the success of Instant Articles.

With the inclusion of the Instant Articles feature, Facebook has expanded its use as a social platform. Users no longer need to exit the application to read articles, watch videos or view images. Brands can target niche audiences and publications have the possibility of sharing their content with an incredible audience.

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