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Social Media Marketing Melbourne

We have seen the rise, and rise of social media in the last few years, and we are definitely not close to seeing its fall. So, it’s no surprise that more businesses are jumping on the bandwagon of social media marketing. Needless to say that social media marketing remains one of the most effective ways to reach new customers, and to retain the old ones.

As social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram grow from hundreds of thousands to billion users, they also work tirelessly to improve their offerings, thereby rolling out one new feature after another. Now, here comes the best part, we haven’t seen it all!

So, it’s important for every business owner to keep their finger on the pulse with all things digital to stay up to speed with what’s coming next. Here is what are the expectation and reality of digital marketing that you should know.

So what is next? Our predictions for the next big thing in social media are as follows;

Chat & messenger bots are getting bigger – for good reason

Your customer care representatives may not always be there when your customers send in queries, or always on time to answer them. But chat/messenger bots can. Chats and messengers are gaining popularity because they are an effective way to keep timely conversations going with customers. And there is nothing customers like more than feeling like they are valued enough for an instant response.

Embrace real-time video interactions

Have a new product announcement? Do a live stream on your social media platforms.
Want to get feedback from customers and get to know what’s most important to them in your product/service offerings? Start a real-time Q & A session.

From Instagram Live to Facebook Live, and Youtube streaming, real-time video interaction is a sure way to increase your reach and boost engagement across your social media platforms.

More than ever before, build trust and own up to your mistakes

Game Of Thrones recently owned up to a major goof on the 4th episode of the show’s final season – a cup of Starbucks coffee sitting in on a table before Daenerys.

A development that could have led to a tsunami of criticism and negative reviews, was met with light-hearted humour when the producers admitted their mistake in a single tweet that said: “News from Winterfell: The latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake. #Daenerys had ordered herbal tea.

Transparency is the next big thing in a social media marketing company. Your followers like the idea of a brand that is honest enough to own their mistakes, with so much competition and information out there, they can see straight through a brand that is dishonest and inauthentic.

Want to learn more about how you can incorporate all of these in your social media marketing? Get ahead of the curb and contact us today!

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