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Is your website not converting highly enough, or is it simply outdated? At Tailor Group, we have competitive web design packages to overhaul your web presence. As your website serves as your business’ digital storefront, if it doesn’t look appealing, has slow page loading times or isn’t built responsively, potential customers might not be interested and click off site. Many business owners, especially in Melbourne, rely on their websites to help them have a steady revenue stream, to produce informative leads or to educate potential customers of what the business has to offer, so it is vital that you put your best digital foot forward.


Why is web design so important for my business?

In the digital age, web search is now the first place customers go to make a purchase or research a brand. By having an up to date website with relevant information which is optimised for search, you’re ensuring a potential customer is aware of your brand and establishing the trust they need to go through with a purchase.

I'm a bricks and mortar business. Is a website REALLY that important?

Absolutely! In the age of instant gratification, a new customer is less likely to physically visit your store or business if they haven’t had a chance to learn more about your brand first. Even if you don’t offer an online store, customers love the ability to view products, services or catalogues in advance so they know your store or office is the right solution for them.

What makes websites with Tailor Digital so affordable?

While we all like the idea of a fully customised and built from scratch website, the reality is that you probably don’t need it. Instead, we have a comprehensive library of templates suitable for a range of industries and brands that can be polished, customised and perfected to reflect your business. These in house templates offer the flexibility of some of your favourite website features, without requiring extensive hours of coding by our web development team.

The result? An expertly created and optimised website at a far lower cost and faster turnaround for you.

What's wrong with the website I built myself?

It feels amazing when you can create something yourself, and with so many options available for DIY websites, it feels like web design is at anyone’s fingertips. However, amongst the many issues of DIY we outline on the blog here, the simple fact is that a website you’ve created yourself might simply be lacking the expert touch in User Experience, and SEO. As a result, you might see low conversions or enquiries, or your website isn’t optimised to show up on relevant search queries.If you love the look of your website, and it converts well, our SEO package might be ideal for your needs.

I like my website but it needs updates. Can you help?

Absolutely! Sometimes, all a website needs is an expert eye to look over and tweak a few things here and there. You can read more about our Website Health Check service at the bottom of this page.

How much does a website cost?

To ensure you’re getting the best value for your money, we offer web design packages on a project by project basis. Generally speaking, our simple website packages start from only $3,000 and e-commerce solutions from just $5,000.

What is WordPress? Why do you use it?

Wordpress is a form of open source software that offers one of the best Content Management System (CMS) available. Being so popular across the world, WordPress is the standard of CMS.

For you, this means we create a website with a fantastic “back end”, allowing changes to be made behind the scenes with relative ease. WordPress allows the technical aspects of your website to become organised and easy to navigate, while still allowing experts and developers to access and change the website at its code level.

We use WordPress at Tailor Digital for it’s ease of use in creation, allowing us to choose a range of functions and create elements at a range of levels. By creating your website with WordPress, we’re also ensuring you have accessibility and control of your website with our custom user guide, erasing the need to go to costly web developers.

Can you create an e-commerce website for me?

We sure can! We can create an ecommerce website for you through both WordPress and Shopify.

I don't know much about websites. Will this be an issue?

Absolutely not! We are the experts, after all. All we require from you is your business offerings and concept, and a willingness to learn. Haven’t started your business yet? Not a problem – We also offer graphic design, photography and branding.

I need a website, fast. How can you build mine?

We are very proud of our ability to produce fantastic results, fast. As a result, we can have a complete website built in as little as six weeks.

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Our process is simple – we begin any web development project with research. We start with finding where your brand is currently sitting, what are areas that could be improved and how to do it, as well as any other areas for opportunity.

We look at your competitors – direct and aspirational – and take learnings from their web presence and how this can be implemented for your brands.

Throughout the build process, you are kept up to date and we collaboratively work with you to ensure that the final product is exactly as you want it, as well as being geared for conversions and offers a great UX.

Once the website has gone live, you are provided a user guide to empower you to make any future changes to your website internally and will teach you to use all features built into the site.

Building across multiple platforms, including WordPress and Shopify, we ensure that your new website is geared for conversions, looks great, and offers an easy user experience. Our web development packages offer end to end solutions – from recommending hosting to handing over a comprehensive website user guide.

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Not sure if your website is working as well as it could? We’ve compiled a list of FAQs that can help you better understand your web presence and whether you should update it!

Is It Optimised for Conversion?
People need to know what the business offers and promises as soon as your potential customers arrive. You just have to use the right combination of CTA’s (call to actions) and messaging. It should be short, but striking. The main proposition should be highlighted to make it stand out. Words should be supported by corresponding imagery together in a visually appealing format. The layout should be clean and uncluttered so the CTA’s are the stars of the page –  especially if these are relaying the core message of the business.

Is It Clear What You’re Selling (And Are You Selling to the Right People)?

Once landed on your website, your audience should instantly be able to tell whether or not the products or services offered will benefit them. This is done through designing your website to be the most attractive to your target market, clear and consistent product imagery and copy, and a solid understanding of your target market.

Do You Have Enough Copy on Page?
Websites without a lot of copy will be outranked by those with a lot of keyword-rich copy on page. This is our company recommends that rather than a brief description of your products or services, these should be explained in detail. The use of a short FAQs segment is also advisable (like this one!), and the most important facts should be written creatively – most especially your primary content.

Does Your Website Celebrate Your Clients/Customers?
 Product ratings are the most reliable method to check on how your product or service is performing. It provides assurance to your customers that the products or services you offer are of best quality – as a form of social validation. Transparency is the key to earning your viewer’s trust. You may include photos of satisfied customers or display one to three short but sweet testimonials on the page including imagery.

Is It Clear How To Get In Contact With You?
 One of the major downfalls we’ve seen online is a website without a clear contact option. This is a costly oversight, as having your email address somewhere hard to find could be costing you leads.

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