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Our company specialises in web development, which relates to all the different things you need to do when developing websites for hosting through the internet. We offer web designing, UX and UI testing, web content development, network security configuration, and much more. Your website serves as your business’ digital storefront. If it doesn’t look appealing, has slow page loading times and doesn’t have a mobile or responsive version, the tendency is that potential customers might not be interested. Many business owners, especially in Melbourne, rely on their websites to help them have a steady revenue stream, produce informative leads and to educate potential customers of what the business has to offer. Follow the advice from our successful web development company to optimize your business website.

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Want tips on how to plan the perfect website? Whether they land directly on your site or not, most people probably end up on your website’s homepage as generally it is the page that tells your customers what brand, product or services your business offers. We can help you to redesign this landing page for the best results with our team of digital marketing experts. For you to be able to see the whole picture, we’ve compiled some advice based on the most frequently asked questions every high-performing, attractive, and effective website should answer:


  1. What is your business all about? People need to know what the business offers and promises as soon as your potential customers arrive. You just have to use the right combination of CTA’s (call to actions) and messaging. It should be short but striking. The main proposition should be highlighted to make it stand out. Words should be supported by corresponding imagery together with a potent and visually appealing format. The layout should be clean and uncluttered for it to be able to draw attention, especially when relaying the core message of the business.


  1. Are the products suitable for your viewers? As the top business in our field, we know that potential customers should instantly be able to tell whether or not the products or services offered will benefit them. The audience should be properly segmented on the homepage by using clear, and eye-catching service or product icons for people of all ages. The content should be benefit-focused, and the use of inspirational headers and sub headers advised. Include pictures that speak thousands of words.

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  1. How do your products or services work? For an SEO advantage like no other, our company recommends that a brief description of your products or services should be explained in detail. You can use concise bullets to provide key facts. The use of a short FAQs segment is also advisable (like this one!) The most important facts should be written creatively – most especially your primary content.
  1. Are your products or services reliable? Product ratings are the most reliable method to check on how your product or service is performing. It provides assurance to your customers that the products or services you offer are of best quality – as a form of social validation. Transparency is the key to earning your viewer’s trust. You may include photos of satisfied customers or display one to three short but sweet testimonials on the page including imagery.


  1. What to do next? Every page deserves a call to action statement. You may get them to request a quote by placing buttons that link them to a short form or maybe offer more information via a link to the website’s contact page.

Need a new website for your start up? Or need a website renovation? Contact us and we can help create a website that reflects your company and brands vision.

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