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Running a small business is often like running a tight ship. Time, money and knowledge are all finite resources that your company cannot afford to lose, and in your quest to keep the business humming with minimal fallout from these valuable areas, perception can quickly overtake reality.


We find a lot of small business owners and entrepreneurs immediately dismiss the idea of working with a marketing agency because their perception of outsourcing is outdated.


Expensive, uncaring and only interested in profit, marketing agencies get a bad wrap for being a money pit – or if you do see a return, you are isolated alongside other smaller clients who don’t have the budget agencies think deserve their full attention.


We’re here to break that belief, and others, about how a Digital Marketing Agency should function.


We Genuinely Want You To Succeed


We pride ourselves on being a highly creative agency, but don’t assume that means we aren’t results driven. To create a successful digital strategy, we ensure our work is researched, explored, edited and polished, with KPIs set. We talk to you about what you want to achieve, and make our own suggestions too, so that our goals are aligned for greatness. We believe in sustained, reputation based growth: No flash in the pans tactics, no gimmicks.


Our commitment to your success is why we have guarantees on some of our key packages, which you can learn more about here.


We Can Be More Affordable Than A New Hire


If you’ve considered opening up an internal marketing position, you might be motivated by costs. But let’s break down the time and money depleting steps you’ll need to take to get there:


  • Fees for advertising the position
  • Time spent choosing and interviewing candidates
  • Possible external costs for the agreement contract to be drawn up
  • Any fit outs required for the office to accommodate your new hire


So far, your hire hasn’t even started yet. So once they are in house, you can look forward to:


  • Paying employee tax (PAYG)
  • Costly tools and software requirements
  • Time spent to bring them up to speed on the business
  • Time spent formulating the strategy (and hoping it’s effective!)


Digital Marketing is notorious for changing and adapting to emerging technologies. Ongoing, your cost now might include:


  • Regular upskilling with workshops and training to adapt to new products and services
  • Cultural engagement activities to maintain a happy work ethic
  • Annual salary reviews as your marketer gains more experience, and might be looking elsewhere

What may initially seem like a savvy business choice can quickly spiral out into a slow bleed.


Let’s flip to the costs of digital marketing services at Tailor Group. Generally speaking, we offer our services in packages, which allows you to see clearly the total fee for your services. This fee not only encompasses the actual hours of work it takes to shoot, write and program your campaigns, but also includes:


  • Focused research to see how your campaign fits into your audience’s mix
  • Ongoing awareness and optimisation of your campaigns
  • Cutting edge knowledge of technology updates and platform changes
  • Exclusive software licenses with advanced capabilities that aren’t available or cost viable to internal marketing teams
  • The expertise of our brand as a whole. That’s over a dozen strategists, creatives and managers coming together.

We Have Your Entire Dream Team On Site

That last dot point is so important, we need a whole new section to go on about it! We love to brag about our team, because we only hire individuals that we know will offer the best for our clients.


Our team is a celebration of diverse backgrounds, encompassing both Digital Marketing speciality fields, and direct experience in the fashion and lifestyle industries. Not only will you find expertise at Tailor Group, but also understanding of how your business functions, industry awareness, and common issues you’ve experienced along the way.


Even the best in-house marketer cannot compete with the combined efforts of an entire team!


You are as important and as valued as everyone else


Feels nice to know doesn’t it? No matter what package you have or the size of your business, you are important to us. We are excited to invest our team into your brand, and celebrate your growth and success. Moving into 2018, we also look forward to offering our clients even more ways to connect and educate, through a range of networking nights and workshops.

About The Author

Lee Douglas

Senior Strategist at Tailor Digital

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